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Our Case Results

Child Support Awarded

Client sought a restraining order against abusive husband who moved out of the home and cut off all financial support leaving wife penniless with two children. Sasha filed a petition seeking a restraining order against the abusive husband and requested child support. After a hearing Sasha’s client received child support and the restraining order was granted.

Driving With License Suspended Avoided 5 Year License Suspension

Sasha’s client’s license was suspended for failure to pay a traffic ticket. Prior to meeting with Sasha the client was going to plead guilty to the offense as charged. The client was unaware that he had two prior license suspensions within the last five years. Sasha informed the client that if he pled guilty he would lose his license for 5 years. Sasha was able to help client get license up-to-date and avoid a 5-year suspension.

Extradition Hearing Dismissed

Sasha met with the client at the jail. A hold was placed on the client and an extradition hearing was set. He was to be extradited to another state pending charges. Sasha was able to assist the client in proving his identity to the court and show that he was mistakenly arrested. Because of Sasha’s efforts the client was immediately released from incarceration.

Felony Violation of Probation Dismissed

Client was on probation for third degree grand theft and organized fraud. Client was arrested for violating probation for failing to make restitution payments. Sasha discovered that the client’s probationary period had expired and filed a motion to dismiss the violation of probation warrant. Client was released hours after the motion was granted.

First Degree Petit Theft Charge Reduced

Client was charged with first degree petit theft and faced up to a year in the county jail. Sasha was able to get the charges reduced to a second-degree misdemeanor after she argued that the value of the item taken did not meet the legal requirement for first degree petit theft. The client walked away owing only court costs.

Loitering Dismissed

Client had been charged with loitering when homeowner reported man was lingering around his parked boat in the evening hours. The boat was sitting in the front yard. Cops arrived and questioned the client. He was then arrested and charged with loitering. Sasha fought the case and adequately provided the client with a defense. The case was dismissed.

Petit Theft With a Prior Not Guilty Verdict

Sasha’s client was charged with a petit theft with a prior and faced up to one year in the county jail. The State Attorney’s Office offered client only jail time. Sasha was determined to get the charges dismissed and took the case to trial. Despite the State Attorney’s Office producing a store video against the client after a two day trial the client was found Not Guilty.

Possession of Marijuana Under 20 Grams Dismissed

Sasha’s client was stopped by law enforcement for a broken tag light. Officer alleged to have smelled marijuana in the client’s car and searched the client. A baggie of marijuana was discovered in the client’s pant pocket. The client was arrested and faced up to a year in the county jail. When the client met Sasha she immediately stepped in and fought to get the charges dismissed. She filed a motion to suppress all evidence seized. A hearing was conducted and Sasha successfully got the judge to grant the motion. The case was subsequently dismissed.

Racing on a Highway Dismissed

Sasha’s client was charged with racing on a highway. Determined to get the client the best result possible Sasha filed a motion to dismiss the charge. A hearing was held and Sasha challenged the evidence presented by the State Attorney’s Office. After a thorough cross examination of the State’s witness by Sasha the judge granted the motion and the case was subsequently dismissed.

Resisting Officer Without Violence Dismissed

Sasha’s client was walking late at night when he was commanded by law enforcement to stop. Client refused to stop and ran. Client was arrested by police and charged with resisting officer without violence. Sasha filed a motion to dismiss. Prior to the hearing the case was dismissed and client was spared a jail sentence.

Sealed Record

Sasha’s client requested to have his record sealed after he was found not guilty of petit theft. Sasha assisted client with completing the appropriate paperwork and represented client in court. Case was subsequently sealed.


Sasha’s client was beaten by her boyfriend. Boyfriend wanted access to their 10-year-old child. Sasha was able to assist client with getting a restraining order against the boyfriend and argued that the boyfriend had no standing to see the child. The Court ruled in Sasha’s favor. No time-sharing was awarded.

Traveling to Meet a Minor for Sex & Use of a Computer Device to Solicit Sex Not Guilty Verdict

Sasha’s client was accused of traveling to meet a minor for sex and using a computer device to solicit sex. Because of the serious nature of the offenses Sasha’s client was bound for prison and the State Attorney’s Office would not budge. Sasha was determined to fight for her client. After an intense three-day trial, the jury returned with two Not Guilty verdicts.

Violation of Probation Dismissed

Sasha’s client was on probation for felony battery. The client failed to pay court costs, costs of supervision and was arrested on a new offense. The client was charged with violation of probation. Sasha filed a motion to dismiss the violation of probation and successfully argued to the court that the court had no jurisdiction to sentence the client on the violation of probation. The court agreed and the violation of probation was dismissed.

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